What is Plaid fabric?


Plaid fabric is just a pattern for the call of the fabr […]

Plaid fabric is just a pattern for the call of the fabric, or textile methods, you can use cotton, nylon fabric can be used to do.

There are many kinds of plaid fabric, cotton, polyester, chiffon, linen, different plaid fabric has different characteristics. Cotton linen plaid fabric texture is relatively soft, using a dyed process, good color, this plaid fabric feel supple, breathable cool, can be anti-static, more suitable for pants, casual wear and dresses. In everyday life, cotton linen plaid fabric clothes we often see, whether Japanese or European and American, are very beautiful.

Polyester plaid fabric, this plaid fabric durable, wrinkle resistance, heat resistance, more suitable for pleated skirts, the other plaid fabric with corrosion resistance, not afraid of moldy and borers. However, the polyester plaid fabric breathability worse, wearing a hot feeling, easy to bring static fear of dirt, but also met the soot will form holes. Therefore, wearing a polyester plaid fabric clothes as far as possible away from fire and heat.