What are the characteristics of waterproof Oxford cloth?


Oxford cloth is a versatile, versatile new fabric, curr […]

Oxford cloth is a versatile, versatile new fabric, currently on the market are: Set of shells, all shells, nylon, Tig, and other varieties.

1. Oxford cloth bag: designed for the production of various types of bags

The fabric latitude and longitude lines are used polyester FDY150D / 36F. Fabric application plain weave in water jet loom intertwined, latitude and longitude density of 360X210, fabric by the relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static, coating and other treatment, with a light texture, soft, waterproof, good durability And other advantages.

2. nylon Oxford cloth: the main production of flood control rain supplies

The fabric with 200D Nylon filament blanket longitude, latitude 160D nylon hollow yarn as raw material. Department of plain weave structure, the product is made by water spray. After fabric dyeing and finishing, coating process, with soft touch, drape, novel style, waterproof performance, etc., fabric surface with nylon silk gloss sense effect. Because of its good quality, novel colors, loved by users. The width of the cloth is 150cm

It is understood that the fabric does not fade, no deformation and other advantages based on the market. Listed color with dark blue, light black, yellow tiger, dark green and other different types, and according to customer needs bulk election with a variety of different colors.

3. Oxford cloth full elastic: the main production luggage

The fabric is made of polyester DTY300D longitude and longitude silk, the selection of coarse changes in the penetration of empty organizations in the faucet loom intertwined. Fabric after relaxation scouring, scheduled type, alkali reduction, soft setting, the fabric after the reverse by the rubber layer. The delicate texture, soft luster, waterproof, luggage produced by this product is the pursuit of fashion trendy ladies pet. The fabric width 150cm

4. Tig Oxford cloth: the main production of various bags

The fabric by the wire using polyester DTY400D network silk, weft silk using polyester DTY 400D. Using Tiggo texture, in the water jet (with faucet) loom intertwined. New fabric design, unique technology, highlighting the front Plaid, strong sense of three-dimensional, the most prominent part of the fabric, but also the opposite of the coating (PU) process to make it more waterproof, drape better, is the production of the Fashion bags of good material. Fabric width of 160cm. There are several listed colors, black, navy, coffee series.

5. Oxford cloth weft: the main production of various bags

The fabric warps polyester FDY68D / 24F, weft FDY150D / 36F as raw materials, weaving process using the zonal strips in water jet weaving (with dobby faucet) interwoven. Cloth noodles clear, set of modernity, artistic, drape in one. After the fabric dyeing, embossing or rolling, with vertical sensitivity, waterproof and so on. Fabric width of 160cm
Oxford cloth with plain weave changes in the organization of weft or square flat weave. It is characterized by one kind of warp and weft yarns, one is pure cotton yarns and the weft yarns are combed. The fine weft yarns are made of fine wefts, the weft yarns are about 3 times the warp yarns, , Pure cotton yarn bleaching. Fabric color soft, soft cloth, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, with two-color effect. Mainly used as shirts, sportswear and pajamas and other fabrics.