Sample development

1. According to customer's requirements, we make samples for the customer and modify them until the customer is satisfied.  

2. We will introduce the most innovative fabrics that conform to the trend every quarter, which helps the customer quickly solve the problem of sampling.

3. We will quote within 24 hours on the customer's samples. The normal materials will be produced in one week, and the special materials will be sampled within 15 days.

Product quality

1. Product materials:We follow the customer's requirements and contract.

2. Quality control: Process analysis, raw material purchase, grey cloth production, post-processing and finished products, and we are equipped with professionals for operation and supervision of each producer.

3. Customer requirements: We will strictly follow the customers requirements and guarantee the quantity of products on time.  

After-sales service

1. Wehavea perfect after-sales service system, equipped with professional talents such as business, customer service and documentary, who reflect fast and timely service to customers.

2. Feedback to customers, we will reply to you patiently and carefully.